WORK IN CON.TEXT: Hole in the sky by Michal Martychowiec

hole in the sky
Hole in the sky, 2018

Hole in the sky is an installation by artist Michal Martychowiec that is currently being realised at the OCAT museum in Nanjing, China. 

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WORK IN CON.TEXT: Lue by Andrea Barbagallo

Lue, 2017 at Spazio Serra, Milan.

Lue is an installation by artist Andrea Barbagallo that reflects and analyses the relational processes that diseases such as Syphilis establish within the physical and social body. Lue is not a concept that ascribes the whole exhibition in the pharmaceutical-sanitary field, but takes into consideration the conflictual nature illness has with the body and with the relationships between illness and society. The spectator observes the slow wither and change of things, aware of the fact that Lue is a mirror within which to look at their contagion. Lue was presented at Spazio Serra, Milan and is presented here in a digital form.

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CON.TEXT #4: VOID is out!


The new print issue is themed VOID and features interviews with landscape architect NEIL PORTER and artist/designer GIGI BARKER, an “Artist in CON.TEXT” profile of JENNY BROSINSKI, essays by ADAM SCOVELL, ALEX WEEKS and JOSH WRIGHT, fiction by TOM HOWELLS, a report of LAURIE LJINDERS’ research on migration, and an inspiring “Final Word” from RICHAD WILSON. Continue reading

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Question 5 - Noise perf

Noise is full of words, performance

VOID is a Brussels-based visual art collective founded in 2013 by Arnaud Eeckhout and Mauro Vitturini. VOID’s research focuses on the use of sound as a visual medium to question human perception and interaction. We talked with Arnaud and Mauro.

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ISSUE #2: Michael Craig-Martin on PROCESS


Untitled (xbox control)

Irish-British conceptual artist Michael Craig-Martin’s LAST WORD on PROCESS: Continue reading

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ARTIST in CON.TEXT: Hadieh Shafie


Transition, 2014


Hadieh Shafie was born in Tehran, Iran and currently based in the United States, the artist constructs intricate designs with low-relief paper sculpture. Both process-oriented and impossibly refined, Shafie’s skillful works are often monumental in scale, overwhelming the viewer with a visual feast of color. The artist maintains studios in Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD.

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REVIEW: The psychological drama of Gregory Crewsdon’s photographic series ‘Cathedral of the Pines’

The haunting photographs of Gregory Crewsdon will leave you with a strange taste in your mouth. Slightly metallic, blood perhaps, with a lingering smell of old cigarette smoke and a damp shiver crawling across the skin. Crewsdon is unveiling ‘what exists beneath the surface’ in his carefully staged photographs set in small-town America where characters seemingly hide dark secrets. A psychological complexity is conjured in each image, leaving the viewer on a disturbing, visual cliff-hanger. Continue reading

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