ISSUE #3: ARTIST in CON.TEXT: Sara Sodnomjamts

Sara Sodnomjamts

Sara Sodnomjamts is a fashion embroidery specialist interested in changing stereotypes associated with fashion and gender. She has worked as a Tailoring assistant with the Olympics Uniform team and worked on a project in 2015 with artist Jon Rafman for an exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection.

Using the historical nude and the self-portrait as a starting point, my focus for this project titled ISHER was to make a collection of embroidery pieces that were ultra feminine and sexual to encourage women to take ownership of their gender. The bold abstract work aims to normalise the breasts and lessen their association with sex, through freeing the nipples into embroidered art.

I wanted to express awareness to the primary audience in my life – as I too was a victim of my own environment. I looked at issues such as street harassment, also known as ‘cat calling’, women being treated like the ‘weaker sex’ in the work place, and even being worried about what to wear and how seriously you will be taken as a woman.

My latest work is based around the nude female body, playing with the natural silhouettes. Primarily, I looked at my own body to create a more personal and intimate experience as a female. The fabric engages viewers through the tactile nature of latex, silk, and lace, giving the work a very sensual feeling. The traditional quilted reverse appliqué technique is entwined with a pop art touch all done under the CAD machine then cut out patiently by hand.

During a phase of strong unisex fashion trends, the use of shades of pink, nudes and gold is suitable to both genders, in a developing feminist world of both male and female feminists.

Sara Sodnomjamts


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