WORK IN CON.TEXT: Lue by Andrea Barbagallo

Lue, 2017 at Spazio Serra, Milan.

Lue is an installation by artist Andrea Barbagallo that reflects and analyses the relational processes that diseases such as Syphilis establish within the physical and social body. Lue is not a concept that ascribes the whole exhibition in the pharmaceutical-sanitary field, but takes into consideration the conflictual nature illness has with the body and with the relationships between illness and society. The spectator observes the slow wither and change of things, aware of the fact that Lue is a mirror within which to look at their contagion. Lue was presented at Spazio Serra, Milan and is presented here in a digital form.

1Body Ache, 2017. Installation view.

prima copia bianca
2Body Ache, 2017. Installation view.

terzo testo7Lue, 2017. Installation view.

11Body Ache, 2017. Installation view.

quarto testo verde


Andrea Barbagallo lives and works in Milan. Barbagallo graduated with a BA in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, where he is currently pursuing a Master in Visual Culture and Curating. Recent exhibitions include: 10X10 at Davide Gallo Gallery, Milan, NO PLACE 3 (Suzzara, Mantova) and No place (Fombio, Lodi).

Photos and design courtesy of Alessandra Draghi.

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