INTERVIEW: Cibelle Cavalli Bastos and Wright & Vandame in conversation at Bosse and Baum Gallery

In a flowing and spontaneous conversation between artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos and artist duo Wright and Vandame, topics such as community, participation, expression, dance and performance are discussed and ruminated. The artists share similarities in their performance based work which focusses on the values of inclusion and openness. At the time of the conversation, they had concurrent shows in London, with Cavalli Bastos showing at Bosse and Baum gallery and Wright and Vandame showing at the ICA in Autumn 2015.  Continue reading

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ISSUE #3: Forough Farrokhzad. Self-identification through cinema by Shirin Akhondi


The House is Black (1963) is a short film directed by Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. It is perhaps the greatest, yet most neglected, masterpiece of Iranian cinema. A documentary about life in a leprosarium and its inhabitants, the film reveals itself to be far more than what it seems. Continue reading

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ISSUE #3: Interview with Newsha Tavakolian


Newsha Tavakolian (b. 1981) is a photojournalist and social documentary photographer. She began her career working for an Iranian women’s daily newspaper titled Zan, documenting the student uprising in 1999 at aged 18. She went on to work for other reformist newspapers and then the photographic agency Polaris. In 2009 after being forced to stop her photographic work, she began documenting the social sphere of Iran. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Camberwell Undergraduate Summer Show 2016 at Peckham road


Colourful, optimistic, formal, textural and bold, sometimes even brash verging on grotesque, the next generation of Camberwell graduates are operating in a new era of expressionism. The Camberwell Undergraduate Fine Art Summer show 2016 at Peckham road ran 18 – 25 June 2016 and showed a selection of works from artists finishing BA Drawing, BA Painting, BA Photography and BA Sculpture. The exhibition showed extremes of figuration and abstraction and humour is never far from the surface of the works. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Handsome, Young and Unemployed at Komplot, Brussels curated by Michelangelo Corsaro

Handsome, Young & Unemployed

Handsome, Young & Unemployed, installation shot, Komplot, Brussels, 2016. Photo: Fabrice Dermience

Curated by Michelangelo Corsaro, this exhibition at Komplot in Brussels argues against the concept of ‘the European Standard’, redefining diversity within the EU through the cultural and social identities of its citizens. Using the European locations of Brussels and Athens, the exhibition aims to question the standards that are imposed to organise and unify citizens across broad domains and to re-assess stigmas that we readily accept to be true.

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ISSUE #3: A new spectre appears to haunt the community by Maja Laskowska

maya02 copy

A digital spectre haunted the theatre when documentary film Martian Syndrome (2013), directed by Jianqiang Xue was shown. Whether the factuality of the film and its documentary features are convincing, the film deals with some fundamental, but still in some ways taboo, issues of sex labour.

Martian Syndrome is characterised by stylisation and heavily digitalised images that work well with its dichotomies: the us and the other, day and night, city and the outskirts. The characters, or rather the subjects of the film, belong to the native place in outer Beijing, a place of self-violation, alienation and sex-videos. In some ways one could say that Xue disbelieves the documentary realism and invests in the fictional qualities to show people that have been fictionalised themselves. Continue reading

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ISSUE #3: ARTIST in CON.TEXT: Sara Sodnomjamts

Sara Sodnomjamts

Sara Sodnomjamts is a fashion embroidery specialist interested in changing stereotypes associated with fashion and gender. She has worked as a Tailoring assistant with the Olympics Uniform team and worked on a project in 2015 with artist Jon Rafman for an exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection.
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